On-Demand Webinar:

Case Study in Accelerating Business Transformation with Growth-Driven Design

In the digital age, businesses across all sectors face the pressing need to engage and retain customers. The key lies in making swift, efficient changes to improve conversion rate optimization and increase leads.

Are you searching for effective ways to monitor brand engagement and marketing metrics? Do you want to predict and enhance lead generation?

In this informative on-demand webinar, we:

Explore how a prominent healthcare organization successfully adopted Growth-Driven Design, resulting in a substantial 96% increase in direct sales prospects.
Illustrate how these insights fueled efficient lead generation and customer acquisition, thereby enhancing their conversion rate optimization process.

While this case study focuses on a healthcare company, the insights gleaned are universally applicable to businesses of all sizes across varied sectors. Join us to understand how Growth-Driven Design can be instrumental in your business transformation.

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Kelly Paul

VP Marketing Operations

A strategic leader with more than two decades of experience in marketing and communications. Using a blend of strategic vision and hands-on execution, Kelly helps businesses and organizations flourish.

With a background in marketing for Public and Private Higher Education, Financial Services, and Nonprofits, she is focused on delivering impactful solutions.

Passionate about volunteering, she serves as a Mediator for the General Foundation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), volunteers with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of North Carolina (GFWC-NC), and hosts Women Volunteers a GFWC-NC Podcast.